Joseph Cano

Flowers under lights and shadows


Zürich, Switzerland

Let's dance tango

Always playing with lights and shadows

In my studio

A la prima

Just a la prima

Happy birthday Noemi

Afternoon lights in NY city

Capture the atmosphere of a bar

Fishing port in Catalonia, Spain

Fishing port

Let's dance tango

The red house in Valencia

Morning walk on Barcelona

Afternoon lights in a fishing port

Lights a shadows, in a emotional poker play.

No se ha insertado ningún vídeo

Singing, is also a part of my life

Lights and shadows

This is also New York City

Cup of coffee, between lights and shadows

Playing with lights, shadows and colours

A small village in Spain


A walk in the centre of Barcelona

This is my world


I'll see you in Zürich



At the moment, I carry out workshops, in Spain. But I plan, in the next future, also to perform them internationally.



Lights and shadows in a coffee shop.

Church, between lights and shadows

Madrid in the afternoon lights

Late afternoon in Nizza

Lights and shadows in NY

Fishing boats anywhere in the world

Market in a small Italian village

Hors racing

Repair of heavy engine

Masterclass. February 2020 in Tarragona/Spain

Misti day in NY

Valencia in the afternoon

What does watercolor mean to me?

Afternoon lights in Barcelona

Lights and shadows a small village

Hors racing

Moulin Rouge

A girlfriend of mine, working in his pharmacy, she is the soul of my inspiration

Fishing port

Flowers corner